Nuclear Nude Our Future

Monday, November 12, 2012

Again, several thousands of Japanese nuclear protesters have gathered at several locations in Japan to denounce the restart of nuclear reactors recently. 

Strength of a natural disaster is unpredictable, and never can be underestimated. 11 March 2011’s earthquake which has caused a series of big waves to hit Fukushima, and this has inflicted the most serious nuclear plant crisis after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, Russia.

Brief explanation on how the nuclear reactor was melting down:

The tsunami following the earthquake flooded the nuclear plant’s generator and caused failure thereafter, it has cut off the electricity supply circulated in the plant. Thus, the water pumps in the plant ceased to operate and failed to circulate coolant water through a nuclear reactor to prevent it from melting down. 

As the pumps stopped, the reactors overheated and to keep it simple, the rod was melted. A chemical reaction responded in the process and produced explosive hydrogen gas. As far as the explosions concerned, the atmospheric venting of radioactive gasses.

Government to initiate nuclear power plant:

Before the ruling government expressed their intention in implementing nuclear power plant in Malaysia as a substitution energy source in the future, it was known that government has pushed for the implementation secretly. According to some media sources, the government has preliminary identified several locations to build the nuclear power plant.

Although the government has announced they are still undertaking a depth study and research into the implementation, however the people must be cautious and be alerted into any further considerations. We should urge the government to make all information public and be accessed to the people. Transparency and freedom of information must takes place in this context.

Lessons to learn from Fukushima incident and the US’s Sandy Hurricane:

It is well known that Japan and US are well equipped with nuclear expertise and knowledge on how to manage, operate and maintain the nuclear reactors, which have contributed greatly in generating electricity to the cities. The main cause was the natural disaster in which has inflicted a chain of incidents – that could not be prevented and react immediately.

The freakstorm Sandy has affected numerous nuclear plants in US, leaving incomparable destruction. The flood water has flooded Oyster Creek nuclear facilities and the meltdown was imminent at that point of time. Residents were forcefully to be evacuated to rescue camps to prevent unnecessary life damages. 

Yes or No:

Malaysia does not have any severe natural disaster such as earthquake, hurricane or volcano. It can be predicted that less chances the nuclear plants could be damaged due to natural disasters in Malaysia, with a comparison to other countries. The possibility and probability are much more lower.

Despite proper and serious depth researches to be carried out to study the possibility of implementing nuclear plants, the government should actually treat the ground’s objection with a serious manner. The Fukushima incident shown us severe damages could be done to the nuclear plants and critical consequences can occurred although there is a team of expertise which has developed the infrastructure prior to the disaster. 

Possibility of natural disaster:

We could not deny any possibility of any natural disasters which has yet or possible to hit Malaysia in the future, in view of serious global warming and ridiculous climate changes happened all over the world. We have yet to know Tsunami prior to the Indonesia’s incident, and we have forgotten the consequences of having nuclear plant until Fukushima took the lead.

The Japan cabinet has told the public that they will study any possibility to explore substitute energy sources other than nuclear generators. The objection from the grounds is taken in this preliminary stage despite the government still has strong intention to re-operate the nuclear reactors.

A piece of thought to our government:

Realistically, I am strongly against the implementation of nuclear plants. We may recruit excellent and brilliant expertise and skilled workers, but we unable to defend it from any natural disasters based on previous and current lessons. 

After all, the managing of the nuclear plants is strongly questionable and this would be the main concerns of all people if it were be implemented.

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